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Why New


It's usually a better deal to buy a "new" home

Buying a used home, short sale or bank-owned home may appear to be a good deal, but appearances can be deceiving. All things considered, choosing a NEW Benchmark Communities home can be a much better way of ensuring you and your family an easier and happier home buying/ownership experience.
  • Used Homes:

  • Homes are sold “as is” with no warranties.
  • Making changes to an existing home can be very expensive compared to choosing options at the time of construction.
  • Older homes can be energy guzzlers built under less stringent energy conservation codes.
  • No preferred lender incentives available that often come with a new home.
  • A lower purchase price can be easily outweighed by higher operating costs due to poor energy efficiency and higher maintenance requirements.
  • New Homes:

  • Everything is brand new, plus you’ll have the peace-of-mind that comes with comprehensive builder and manufacturer warranties.
  • Select the options and upgrades that make the home uniquely yours without the hassle of remodeling.
  • A new Benchmark Communities home consumes about half as much energy as a home built prior to 1980.
  • You’ll enjoy a much simpler financing process and incentives with the builder’s preferred lender.
  • Quality construction and advanced building materials save you time and money because they require considerably less maintenance than older homes.